"Hesna is a community organizer and a creative non fiction writer. THEIR passions lie with expanding conversations and consciousness about intersectional struggle, about anti blackness,ableism and Their lived EXPERIENCE navigating the world as a Disabled person through a Black, Lesbian, non-binary lens.

She attended American University, where in 2016 she challenged the administration after creating a rapid response network based in showing up for racial justice in the DMV area after Black girls were berated with bananas and a noose was left on campus. As a scholar, she developed a syllabus, presented at Georgetown University, called “Black Rage at the Table” that addresses intersections of  race, gender, sexuality, and [dis]ability through critical theory and popular cultural examples.

THeir tenacity in securing the rights of all marginalized groups from a basis of Black liberation is well-documented through Their work and actions in working at a range of nonprofits: focused in cultural celebration and production, marijuana advocacy,and civic engagement. Their Most recent efforts on the southside of Chicago were geared towards abolition of the carceral state

Hesna’s passions encompass translating critical theory into vernacular for everyday accessibility and direct action. THeir love of culture and music, following current trends, and solidarity towards all oppressed people keeps Their work fresh and relevant to those that would benefit most from their voice."


  1. Radical Self Love

  2. Exploring and exposing the strength and depth of Black cultural production + its aesthetics in all forms

  3. Cultural anarcho marxist critique

  4. [Dis]ability discourse

  5. Lesbian SEPARATIST discourse

  6. Afro futurism

  7. BALTIMORE (always)

  8. oral tradition

  9. Anti psychology

  10. healing centered engagement

  11. critical race theory

In a past life perhaps...